Morning Sickness Tea

Morning Sickness Tea


Growing and nurturing new life causes enormous and beautiful changes in the body, mind, and spirit. While beautiful, those changes can result in morning sickness. The Roots Morning Sickness Tea is a specially blended herbal tea to settle the tummy during pregnancy. It’s an aromatic, fruity and calming tea created to bring a sense of peace to your day during this amazing journey to motherhood. The Roots Morning Sickness Tea is 

*Caffeine Free, Gluten Free

*Uses 100% Organic Ingredients

*Promotes Digestion

*Safe for mom and baby

*Relieves Nausea


*Drink 1-3 Cups Daily or as Needed for Best Results. Each bag is good for 2-3 Cups.

*Approximately 2oz. = approximately 30 servings

**As with all dietary supplements, please consult a physician before consumption if Pregnant, breastfeeding, you have any medical conditions, or are taking medications. Keep out of reach of children.

***Ingredients: Wild Yam Root, Chaste Berries, Ginger, Spearmint, Peach, Stevia Leaf